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RM850x Connections

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In my latest build, I need to connect an RM850x to a GTX1080 TI GPU [2x 8 pin].

1] I want to use 2 separate PCIe 8 pin connections, not the single connection with a pig-tail.

Can I use the 2x 8 pin CPU cables instead of the 2x 8 pin PCIe "pig-tail" cables?

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no they have a different wiring, and they will physically not fit, they are keyed differently. (basically if you forced it in, it would short circuit 12V to ground. CPU has 4x12V,and 4x ground. PCIE has 3x12V and 5x ground).

You will need to either use two pigtail with the dangling ends, or buy two PCIE cables with single 6+2 ends.

The RMx uses type 4 corsair cables, but you can also use type 3 (PCIE, SATA and MOLEX are the same pinout between type 3 and 4).


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