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Pump and res problem

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I was just on my new pc and was installing the basics, then I installed the ICUE program to change some rgb and other nonsense, but when i did my corsair fans, cpu block and pump/reservoir combo stopped working, then I uninstalled ICUE but they're still not working


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Make sure the controlling header for the XD5/3/7 is set to "4 pin" if using a Commander Pro for control.  The auto-detect often does not properly detect it.  If you are using all PWM fans, I would set them all to 4 pin to avoid the 100% fan test on boot.  


Hydro X Curves for the pump and fans are very relaxed and qualify as a 'lowest possible idle noise' type of set-up.  However, letting the fans stay off and the pump as low as possible may not be to everyone's taste.  I like quiet, but I prefer to set a consistent lower level to avoid the guarantee of a sudden rush of fan speed later on.  Custom cooling loops are unique by nature and there is no way to make a perfect universal preset.  Don't be afraid to make your own speed settings.

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