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Can you mix single rank and dual rank RAM?

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I have had 16Gb (2x8) of CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 Vengeance LPX running fine for nearly a year now.  I decided to add another 16Gb and it just arrived from Amazon.  I ordered the same model # and that's what I received.  However, the original kit uses Samsung chips and is single rank.  This new kit uses Hynix and is showing up as dual rank.  I wasn't shocked to see it was Hynix, but I was very surprised it's dual rank.  At least according to HWInfo and confirmed by a couple of other programs.

Should I send this back and try again?  If so is there any way to make sure the kit I receive is single rank?  I thought practically all 8Gb sticks were single rank and am really surprised that Corsair was making dual rank kits of that size, but apparently I was wrong.

Right now the system booted and is working ok in Windows.  I haven't done Memtest or any stress testing yet.  I will do that and see how it goes, but even if everything passes I'm going to be very leery of keeping this configuration long term.

Thanks for any help!



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it's usually not good mixing kits, even with the same PN.

As you can see, they can be very different. the secondary timings differ too.

I don't know if you enabled XMP yet, but usually it is unstable. Those who have mixed kits working right without tweaking are the exception.

Now it's 3200mhz, so it could work, but better run some memtest to be sure. Corsair never guarantees mixed kits will work together, just FYI.

The best way to go with RAM is usually to get all your sticks in a single 32gb matched kit, to be sure it works well.

mixing = luck of the draw

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LeDoyen, thanks for your response.  I ran Memtest overnight and got no errors, and Prime95 for a couple of hours without any crashes so it seems to be fairly stable.

However, Corsair responded to the ticket I opened by basically saying, tough luck.  We don't guarantee it unless it came as a single kit and mixing kits even with the same part # isn't supported.  Basically what you said.

I've been doing basically the same thing for years, but this is the first time the same kit # from the same manufacturer has varied this much.  Anyway, just to be safe I'm returning the kit to Amazon and I ordered a 32Gb (2x16) kit instead.  Which leaves me with the original 16Gb kit I've been using and nowhere to use it.  Maybe I pick up a couple of bucks on Ebay or something.

Thanks again!

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