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I've tried forum searches and have not found a solution, so here goes...

I have a new build system and have installed iCue for the lighting control.  When I open it and select case, keyboard, CPU or memory, it works great but only for that particular component.  For instance, when I click keyboard and set the backlit color to the blue I want, it looks great.  When I then click on case to set that color/scheme, the keyboard lighting goes out but the case lighting is what I set it to be.  It is almost as though the software doesn't understand that I'm trying to set up all four lighting schemes and then have it all saved as my profile so it auto loads.

Also, when I boot up the system, none if the lighting works until I open iCue and click keyboard and then click hardware lighting.  At that point, the keyboard lights up with the blue I selected, but nothing else lights up.  When I try to change it...same problem as above.

I did find one post in the forum that mentioned dragging your profile to the top of the list so it loads when iCue starts up.  On my list, there is only the one profile, so I obviously can't drag it anywhere.

Any pointers would be appreciated.  Looks like VERY cool software once I figure it out.

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36 minutes ago, SC_Shooter said:

until I open iCue and click keyboard and then click hardware lighting.

This where you missed the target.   "Hardware Lighting" is the device's lighting profile when CUE is not running, like boot, shutdown, etc.  When you select the HW Lighting and choose an effect, it will preview it for you so you can get a feel, but it is only temporary.  Typically HW Lighting must be saved to the device, often through the Device tab in that KB, Mouse, etc.  RGB fan controllers are direct and will save it to the controller when selected.


You want to be in "Lighting Effects" just above that.  This is full software control over multi-layered effects.  When you choose an effect here, it will immediately show on the device and remain until deactivated, deleted, or covered up by a higher level effect.  This is how you set the lighting for when CUE is actively running.  After the OS loads to the desktop, it typically takes CUE 15-20 seconds to load itself up and this lighting pattern will be active.  

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