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Considering a PSU swap - can I keep cables

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The rumoured power requirements for the Nvidia 4000-series are beyond terrifying. Given I'd expect the launch of that line to spark a mad rush to buy PSUs, I thought I might get started early. I've currently got an RM850x (2018) in my case. Looking at the upgrade options, the HX1200 Platinum looks like it should be plenty for my system, even if the worst of the Nvidia rumours are true.

Now, my system is pretty tightly cabled at the moment and the idea of recabling the entire thing is pretty soul-destroying. My read of the Corsair PSU cable compatibility chart is that I should be able to keep the cables when I move from an RM850x to the HX1200. Can anybody confirm or deny that before I risk frying my PC?

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From the chart, both use type 4, so you can reuse the cables yes.

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  • Corsair Employees

Instead of attempting to speculate based on leaked information it might be best for you to wait until official announcements before attempting to purchase a PSU with the intent on it being ready for something that isn't even announced at this time.

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