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Flagship 65% keyboard please


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a 65% keyboard (TKL + only arrows, pgup/down, del and ins)

With corsairs OPX switches and a magnetic attaching wristpad (important) and the up to 8000hz axon polling rate and a detachable usb c cable potentially with a coiled option, could sell separately.

Would likely become the #1 keyboard of the year instantly and would likely sell out and have massive stock issues instantly.


I have come to realize after using TKL, 65% is perfect, its like a TKL that also sheds off the remaining keys we (99.99% of mankind) never use.

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi @Daev,

we already do sell a TKL-keyboard with mentioned features (8000Hz Axon Hyper-Polling, detachable USB-C cable and OPX switches):


Best regards,


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