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Just finished building a new system - I have the Corsair 4000X case, the H150i cooler for my i9 chip, 4 LL120 fans, plus the HX1200i power supply.  I loaded iCUE but it seems to have an odd homepage format.  The default home page layout is massive pictures showing the cooler pump and the power supply, with a huge amount of real estate for "scenes."  The thing I want to see if the sensors, but they are only 6 visible in the lower left, and I have to scroll to see even the most basic information.  It would be great to have some balance to that layout - or be able to change the size of the panels.  The dashboard page now has all my tracking and graphics, so that works fairly well, but that only has two panel sizes (Increase/Decrease), and if you start a second column of measurements you still can't see what you need to on a single or even a double screen.  Since this is a new build, I want to see almost everything for now, so I have all 16 cores, all the temps, etc. and it runs to three screens long.  

I was also under the impression that iCUE could manage all the RGB items, but do not know how to integrated the Gigabyte RAM RGB (on the Gigabyte Motherboard through Gigabyte RGB fusion), or the colors in the Logitech gaming keyboard, mouse and headset, plus the desk mounted RGB strip.  Any guidance on a unifying RGB software that spans all these (Commander Pro fans, Gigabyte RGB RAM on memory, G Hub based KB/Mouse/Headphones later behind the monitor lights, and furniture lights and potentially more?  

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You can fit a bit more in if you turn off the graphs (both the dashboard & Sensors on the home page).

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On 4/8/2022 at 11:52 PM, tmcmsail said:

I was also under the impression that iCUE could manage all the RGB items,

CUE only can manage Corsair devices and some Asus MB/GPU models through an Asus developed plugin. There is no Gigabyte or Logitech integration. 

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