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New TX850 - Power but no boot

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Just bought a TX850 to replace my CX750. I kept getting shutdowns related to power surges - according to my Asus Maxima Ranger VII mobo.

So, swapped out the PSU, reconnected everything - motherboard ROG lights up, GPU LEDs light up, but nothing happens when I hit the switch to power on. Not even a fan twitch. I have disconnected and reconnected all the cables, and I did the paperclip test and the fan spins just fine.

Next step is to strip out everything and start from scratch, but if anyone has any suggestions, I would be grateful!!





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Well,,,, just as I posted the question - I suddenly thought if it needed a BIOS reset..

And yes was the answer!! 

So, now to reconnect everything again and see if it all works - but looking good!!

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