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Is this ram still under warranty?


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Hello there!


I'm wondering if this ram CMX256A - 3500C2 XMS 3502 v1.1 0251065, is still under warranty.


I admit buying this ram from a guy at a forum, which according to the Corsair's warranty terms shouldn't be under warranty. But still I'm hopping :biggrin: .


Thank god they're just going strong, but I wanna sell them as 512mb of ram doesn't cut it anymore, so I just need to know whether I can advertise them as still under warranty or not.


Thank you in advance!


Best regards, Deni Jorgji

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Unfortunately any modules that are bought from the third party or eBay is not covered by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.


Thanx for the reply! Though if I may give my opinion, this Warranty practice seems a bit odd :sigh!: .


But nevermind, if these are the rules of the business :roll: ....


Cheers, Deni

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