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Corsair 5000D ATX Mid Tower Fan Repeater Issue

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I recently purchased and moved my PC components into the Corsair 5000D case: CORSAIR 5000D Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX PC Case, Black, CC-9011208-WW - Newegg.com . I have ran into a snag where I cannot figure out how to power the PWM repeater located above the SSD mounts on the back.  There is a miscellaneous connector which I'm assuming is to provide power to the repeater & connected fans, however the manual gives no mention to this repeater, nor the connector or where it should be plugged in. 

My Motherboard is an ASUS Maximus Hero IX. I'm not sure if I'm missing something or if I require some kind of conversion adapter to be able to utilize the repeater. As it currently stands I only have the fans I transferred from my previous case being utilized as intake.  However it has no exhaust as the two fans provided by Corsair are connected to this repeater are inoperable.

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1 hour ago, LeDoyen said:

Thank you!  I didn't realize that it needed to be connected the PSU, considering the cable from the PMW repeater is a SATA cable of some kind.  I had assumed that it would need to be connected to the motherboard to regulate the fan speed. But I can't imagine the PSU is that old.  I bought it new about 2 years ago, a Corsair CX 750m.

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ah if it's a "M" it's a modular PSU, and you should have sata cables lying around in the box.

The PWM repeater "repeats" only the PWM signal from the source (potherboard, corsair fan controler, whatever..) but offloads the 12V load to the power supply.

This allows to connect a lot of fans to a controller without blowing its output 🙂

So you need to connect the large SATA cable to the PSU to power the fans, and the small PWM cable to your Corsair controller (or a motherboard PWM header) to control the speed.

If you connect the PWM to the motherboard, you'll need to use Asus AI suite (the Fan Xpert module of AI suite) to set your fan curves.

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