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New H170i Elite LCD has red triangle

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Hi i have installed the h170i lcd cooler but cannot control my pump. I have reseated and made sure the are all plugged in correctly. I have removed and reconnected the LCD screen onto pump. Deleted and reinstalled icue4 both the latest version and the one before. I only see the commander core in icue along with my other corsair hardware hx1200i and corsair ddr5 platinum. I seems that either the commander is not going into aio mode or the lcd screen is not getting any information. I also found that the radiator was slightly misshaped and that some of the fan holes were misaligned so i could not put a a screw in one of the fans this made installing the fans very difficult as one of the screws was very tough to put in. I also updated the firmware for the commander but this also did not help.  


I am running the following

gigabyte z690 master MB

12900k cpu

hx1200i psu

dominator platinum rgb ddr5

msi suprim rtx3090

win11 build 22000.593

I have made a ticket but not had a reply yet hoping this can be replaced quickly if faulty as it is only a few days old.

Any help would be appreciated.


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See the thread below:




I suspect the LCD too is not passing data as it should, hence the Commander Core shows in CUE instead of the LCD or AIO face as it should. Try powering down, PSU switch off, then unplug and reconnect the wide power cable on the side of Com Core. Make sure the white mark is lined up with its mate on the Com Core. This connector carries a lot of info and seems to be somewhat sensitive. The PSU off and power cycle should force the Com Core to reboot. 

However, I don’t like the sound of “mis-shaped” radiator. If that is defective in any way the unit should be exchanged. There won’t be a software fix for that. 

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Hi thank you for your reply, I have already left system unplugged overnight with aio unplugged then all plugged back in the next day. Still the same. I have noticed that if system has been on for an hour or so the screen will go to water temp but just  shows 0c constantly. 

Still nothing from support been nearly 3 days. I should just send it back as faulty but really want an advance replacement rma so i dont have to spend another £270 on another aio when corsair has not accepted it back even though the product is clearly faulty and they should have it back ASAP.


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What I don't like is not being able to control the pump speed. I don't understand if the commander can read liquid temp then why cant i control pump from there also even if the LED screen is showing Red Triangle. My support ticked has been assigned to someone but no-one has replied or got in touch. This is quite annoying as it is a new product and if id brought from elsewhere I could just send it back and get another.

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