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Corsair HS70 Pro PC - never connected on startup, need reboot

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I have had my Corsair HS70 Pro for my PC a couple of weeks now.
But there is a very annoying bug or error.
Each time I start the PC, the headset is not found. I have to restart for it to be found and connected. this is VERY annoying.
3 times it has lost connection when the PC is running.

I have tried to reset and repair a couple of times, but it doesnt help.
The USB-dongle is about 30-40 cm from the headset, and nothing is blocking it.

Anyone have an idea what the fix can be?

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It seemed to have been something wrong with the headset (sent it in and got a new pair) along with some kind of bug in the iCue application.

Googled a bit and saw someone found a solution, by uninstalling iCue.
I'm trying that right now.
If it works, I probobly forget about this thread and wont be back (so if I dont reply for a week or two, I guess the solution would be to uninstall iCue) otherwise I'll be back 😆


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