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Fan #1 Not Spinning, Not Detected, but only after installing ICUE

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I have 3 Corsair LL fans on my Corsair AIO. As soon as I install and start running ICUE, I get a 'disconnect' sound and fan #1 stops spinning, but still lights up. It doesn't show up in ICUE under cooling at all but shows up as available to change RGB. If I uninstall ICUE, it starts spinning and works just fine again. Have double checked that all cables are plugged into the lighting node securely. Does anyone know how to fix this?  I have tried fully uninstalling and re-installing ICUE twice now. I have no other software installed that is attempting to control RGB or fan speeds.

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What AIO model?  H150i Pro?  XT?  Elite?


Motherboard model/series?  The disconnect sound is when contact between Windows and the device is lost. 

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