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PSU - GPU Power Connection

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Probably a dumb question (new to building).  I am in the middle of a build and ordered the pro cables for my PSU from Corsair. In the box it came with 2 x PCIE 6 pin cables and 2 x PCIE Type 4 6 pin cables.  My GPU requires 3 PCIE connects.  Is it ok to use 2 of the PCIEs and one of the "TYPE 4"'s?  They all appear to be the 4+2 type connectors.  I couldn't find anything that really talked about the difference between PCIE Type 4 and the PCIE cables that do not say Type 4.


Thanks in advance...

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Nevermind, I am a moron and they all say type 4......leaving this up so my idiocy can be an example to others.

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