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H100i ELITE CAPELLIX compatible Fans

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Just now, MickyParis said:

Just bought a H100i Elite Capellix for my 4000D Airflow.

H100i is sold with ML fans, I would like to add 4 other fans (3 in front of one behind)

Do I have to buy ML fans necessary or I can choose SP or others ?

Thanks in advance, 

(This is my first build)



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On 4/5/2022 at 5:31 PM, MickyParis said:

H100i is sold with ML fans

The Elite series AIO units come with an OEM version of the ML-Elite (8 center hub LEDs).  Do not confuse this with the ML-Pro (4 LED) that has been a mainstay in the lineup for the last several years.  The SP-Elite and retail ML-Elite are exact matches to the fans you have.  All of them are 8 center LEDs and in CUE are referred to collectively as "8 LED series fan".  Any of them will work, in any combination, without compromise.  The SP-Pro is also 8 LEDs and a RGB match, but it is a DC motor fan and will not be controllable for speed on the PWM only Commander Core.  

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