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15 Corsair fans

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700 X rgb 

 so I have a total of 15 fans 

CORSAIR 7000x rgb full tower

==15 fans ==

*9 ql120mm

*3 ql140mm 3 sp140mm (push    pull configuration): h170i elite *lcd screen

*Lc 100 starter kit

*Lc100 expansion pack

*Lian li strimmer plus 8pin/24pin rgb 

*Asus dark hero x570 motherboard 

*128 gb RAM GIGABYTE TRIDENT nero 4x32 3600 mhz

*samsung 980 pro 2tb m.2

*samsung 980 pro 1tb m.2

Nvidia GeForce rtx 3090 FE

1000w E.V.G.A G5 gold plus psu 

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I have 2 commander pro xt ‘s 

1 commander pro 

4 lightning node cores

2 lighting node pros 

4 fan splitters for the commander pro 

numerous PWM fan extensions and rgb cord extensions 

the question I have is will I have enough sata ports and usb 2.0 connections to make this work and should I get a 1200w instead of the 1000w 

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For the PSU, remember that the 1000W rating is only the 12V rail (83-ish amps). All the 5V draw you will have with all that RGB does not take from that.

most PSUs have a 20 - 25A 5V rail, so, even if you took a 1200w PSU, it would probably have the same 5V capability.

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