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V256MB266 is bad -

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V256MB266 is bad -

This V256MB266 chip was running with one other brother for some time, then one day i booted and got I got the infamous memory problem post beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbep! then nothing.


I swapped memory from my other machine and the machine booted fine.


i swapped back in one V256MB266 and it worked, then swapped with the other V256MB266 and got nothing. I proceeded (stupidly) to check it in my other machine (hoping it would not damage my system- but maybe it would work) and it did not work, but my machine ran fine after putting the good ram back.


So, this memory died. The first stick of ram that ever failed on me for 10 years. I always stick with brand name and I still think corsair is the best.


Question is, is it still under warrenty (I remeber it being lifetime, but could not find any specific warrenty info on your website).


And if it is in warrenty, what do I do next?



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