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Lighting effect sequence order

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I've got an H150i Elite LCD, Vengence RGB RT Memory, Commander Pro & lighting Node Pro.

Is it possible to change the order in which the devices and their channels can be sequenced to a specific order. I'm trying to apply the Vison scene but the sequence of 'firing' is not currently in order. What I'd like to achieve is order the 'firing' sequence to say Channel 2 of the Commander Pro followed by the H150i Ring, then the Vengence then the Channel 1 of the Commander Pro and the finally Channel 1 of the Lighting Node Pro.

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With the Scenes and Lighting Link effects there is no way to change the order of the effect as they are predetermined.

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This is the general device order, or at least it was in July '21 when I went through and tested.


KB -> Mouse -> RGB mouse pad -> Lighting Node Pro -> Lighting Node Core -> Commander Pro -> Commander Core -> RAM -> External Ambient Lighting (LS100, LT100, ST100).


Visor is the only effect where device order has a meaningful impact, so you may want to weigh that versus hardware swapping.  The Elite LCD did not exist at that time, but it should fire before/after the Commander Core.  I did not have any of the older Platinum/Pro/XT AIOs at the time, but I suspect they fall in line between the Commander Core and RAM (for the pump LEDs).  

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