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M55 pro RGB Side buttons and left-handed

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Hello, i have some problem.

I just recieved and opened my new mouse, an M55 Pro RGB.

But i have some trouble to use it correctly and make it fonction properly.


I am left handed, using left clic as a left clic, and right clic as a right clic (default use of a mouse)

But i have 2 problems:


1: Even when i'm gone inside the icue setup and activate both lateral button, only the left lateral works.

2: When i put my mouse in "left handed mode", left side button stop to work, Right side works, but Left and right clic are totally doomed and reversed.



So i have 2 questions.

First, is it possible to have all 4 sides buttons activate at the same time, and if yes, how ?

Second, if this is not possible, is there a way to have the normal clics in default mode when i put the mouse in left-handed mode to get my latteral button on the right side ?

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