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iCUE resets the timing of lighting profiles after each boot...

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Anyone else experience this? I find it so frustrating. After spending a good half hour getting the timing down of certain lighting designs and patterns and whatnot, they all get through out of sync and are ruined the next time you boot your computer. I made this custom symmetrical pulsing effect with my dominator ram that took a while to get the timing right, then the next time I started up my comp, it was just a complete mess. Same goes for my fans and other elements as well. I feel like iCUE should maintain a consistency with any time intervals you enter in. What's the point of making cool elaborate designs if it just gets scrambled next time you turn on your computer?

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Cue does have a lighting clock and it is reset to zero any time you load the CUE program. It should reset on profile switch too, but that doesn’t always seem to happen. 

Best guess is you were designing around the current timing in the profile while creating additional elements. The different devices do not reset their clocks while creating. So if I have a fan wave with a 10 sec loop and then I apply a matching 10 sec loop for the RAM but alter the timing while the fans are at 5 seconds, the two effects will be 5 seconds apart — at least until the next time you load or change profiles. The trick is to work out the math in terms of LEDs/sec, then switch profiles to reset the profile specific clock to “check your work”. It’s a bit tricky until you get the hang of things, but if you feel like it does not reset on switching to another profile and back, force quit the cue app and restart. 

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