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XD5 Pump/Res combo PWM Header Broken

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I somehow accidentally pulled out the cables out of the PWM header for the XD5 and I looked at how to put them back in a I can sort of lock it in but it doesn't work. They have a blue and green wire and are on one side of the header but when I try and put them back in it still doesn't work, please tell me if I'm doing this wrong or not if you have any advice, that would be appreciated.


This means that the pump stays at %100 constantly.

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If you have an old PWM fan, it is possible to cut the PWM connector off of the fan, and cut the PWM connector from the pump.  Now just strip the wires on the pump and either solder the old fan's PWM connector with trailing wires to the same wires on the puimp or use solderless connectors on the wires. 

The blue wire is the signal wire.  IT determines the modulation speed of the +12V pulses and thus the speed of the PWM device.

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