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5000x Build Fan Question

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Forgive my post. I read a ton of threads and all have competing thoughts, which in my very non-technical brain, led to being more confused.

I am building a 5000x with the desire for 10 fans, all addressable and controllable.

I also have the 150i elite lcd aio. So far this is what I have done:

The three fans on the AIO and 1 exhaust fan (all 8 rbg/elite fans) into the commander core that came with the AIO. The two needed USB's (CoCore and AIO) are plugged into the usb splitter that came with the AIO.

For the front 3 and side 3 fans, I currently have them plugged into the built in PWM hub and RGB hub that came with the case. However, I noticed that I need to plug the PWM cable (from the repeater) into a sys_fan header on the MB, which implies (to me) that those won't be controllable in ICUE but instead by the MB.

My question: I also have a commander core XT (bought just in case). Would it be better and do more of I what I want, to instead plug those 6 fans (3 front, 3 side) into that Commander Core XT vs. the PWM repeater built in to the case?

If I missed a thread that already explains this, please feel free to call me names and point me in the right direction.


Much appreciated.

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Hi! As far as I know, you might as well plug the PWM cable (repeater) into the port 5 of the AIOs CoCore and so all is controlled by ICUE. Alternatively, you could plug all the 6 fans (front and side) PWM and RGB cables into the CoCore XT you've bought, replacing the PWM hub and RGB switch included in your case.

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Hi guys.. 5000X? 10 fans?... H150i? Commander Core XT?  if you have them...

This would be the way forward



Ignore the strips.. for now... lol

Hope it helps

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