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i300 OG Fan vs. NOCTUA NF Industrial 3000 RPM!

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Just spent a good part of the day getting these numbers for ya ladies and gents so you can digest this.


C1 i300 Fan vs. Noctua NF Industrial 3000RPM!

NO FAN = 36DB (With ambient room noise)
This is after delidding and overclocking the processor from original Corsair Settings.  Use for overall comparison of fans.

Got the DB levels using 2 apps with phone, with good controls in place.

TT= Thermal. Throttled before test completed and at what time before test completed.

OG C1 i300 FAN
50% = 1120-RPM 36DB
55% = 1189-RPM 38DB
60% = 1295-RPM 40DB TT @92C 8:32 (Time remaining on Cinebench) TT= Thermal Throttled
65% = 1459-RPM 43DB TT @92C 7:53
70% = 1567-RPM 45DB TT @91C 7:24
75% = 1664-RPM 46DB TT @91C 6:53
80% = 1758-RPM 48DB TT @91C 5:52
85% = 1847-RPM 50DB TT @91C 4:50
90% = 1933-RPM 52DB TT @91C 2:20
95% = 2007-RPM 54DB (NO TT) Cin Score = 26221 @90C
100%= 2120-RPM 56DB (NO TT) Cin Score = 26231 @90C

NOCTUA NF A-14 Industrial 140MM
30% = 1165-RPM 37DB
35% = 1324-RPM 41DB TT @92 7:20
40% = 1490-RPM 44DB TT @92 6:54
45% = 1650-RPM 48DB TT @92 3:50!!
50% = 1800-RPM 50DB TT @91 3:22!!!
55% = 1930-RPM 53DB (NO TT) Cin Score = 26186 1880

60% - 2070-RPM 54DB Cin Score = 26285! (Beats C1 OG @100% @54DB vs. 56DB) 89C! AVG 82C
65% - 2200-RPM 57DB Cin Score = 26286 89C AVG 82C
70% - 2337-RPM 59DB (70%-95% not tested, can probably piece it together looking at 100% results)
75% - 2465-RPM 61DB
80% - 2600-RPM 62DB
85% - 2730-RPM 63DB
90% - 2840-RPM 65DB
95% - 2940-RPM 65DB

100%- 3070 -RPM! 67DB!!! Cin Score = 26368 Package hit 83C 78AVG.  Only way to get this thing lower with this OC would be to direct connect the cooler plate to the die.

Before I usually had mine set to 75-80% (46-48DB), Now have it set to 45% (48DB) with a TT at CB 3:50 vs. 5:52 on OG fan!  It's stable with all games and apps I run nothing has pushed nor do I use anything taxing as Cinebench. 

100% wayyy too loud lol but man it keeps the CPU package right at 83C which is the best I've seen yet with OC getting a CB Score of 26368.

*** This is all after Delid/Copper top mod performed with Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut and then Overclocked CPU (to near normal) over OG downclocked C1 configuration. ***

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I am not sure, but the noctua industrial fan is noisier than the other noctua fans, namely the silent wing 3 models. Probably would not cool as much as the industrial ones, but they are the top in noise vs performance.

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