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ICUE Software - Macroing - Modifier + Key - How?!?!

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  • 9 months later...

Having the same issue trying to set up my K70 RGB Pro.  Although it looks like an iCue update (v. 4.32.129) — thanks! — has added the option for a modifier, I can't register any modifier other than Function (Fn).

It would be ideal if any key could be made the modifier for another key.  But I would be content if the standard modifiers and their combinations could also be specified in the "Modifier" box.  E.g.,

  • Shift
  • Windows
  • Shift+Ctrl
  • Ctrl+Alt
  • etc.

I use this keyboard professionally (tho not as a pro gamer), and productivity macros are top of mind.  I've just come to Corsair iCue from a tragic overcommitment to Razer Synapse 3, which really dragged productivity.  iCue is looking wayyyyy better so far, but it seems like the basic functionality should cover more modifiers and their combos.  And they're kinda necessary for my use cases.

Is it possible to add such modifier combinations currently?  If not, any chance we'll get this?

Similarly, it would be really great if I could clone the function key, such that I can have as many locations for the function key as I like, anywhere it's convenient.  This makes macros easier to trigger with one hand, which is important if your job demands you sit at a keyboard all day.  E.g., Triggering Fn+Q is uncomfortable, but if I can remap tilde (~) to Fn, it becomes a comfortable ~+Q.

Again, is this currently possible?  I've been watching iCue tutorials, etc., but perhaps I'm still missing something?


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  • 2 months later...

I too am wondering why I can't set up a macro to be triggered from a key with modifier(s).  I have a plain K70 RGB Mk.2, so there's no 'Fn' key or similar, and I really don't want to re-assign anything like an Fkey in the default profile.

Sure, there are other programs that would react to, e.g. Alt+F12, but I can pick and choose the modifier(s) I use to work around such things (or have a separate profile for that program).

Triggering of macros shouldn't be only for inside games or other apps where you don't care about losing the normal function of a key.

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