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10 fans and strimmers. Only need to know which hubs are needed.

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Hi so I'm planning on 10 fans (3 aio capellix and 7 case fans) and to make it easy I'm doing ml elites across to keep it easy. I'm also getting the lian li 24 pin and triple 8 pin strimmer.

I've been looking up diagrams and not asking how to wire it. I also know I would need the adapters.....I'm just lost on which actually products I need. 

The aio comes with the commander core so I start with that. I'm just unsure for this setup if I need a CoPro or an xt. Or do I need to add a lighting hub also. 

I can figure out the wiring, adapters and port connections iam just lost on what commanders or hubs to start with to get. If anyone has this same setup could you share which products you use or point me in the right direction. Thanks in advanced.

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