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iCUE H150i ELITE 1700 mounting not firmly

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Is it normal when I install the 1700 mounting frame to be not in touch with the back side of the motherboard when I tighten the screws?
Should I have started the task by forcing the screws all the way to the nuts to clear them open before using the set?

The frame is in the air in all 4 sides in the back of the motherboard. 

iCUE H150i ELITE LCD Display Liquid CPU Cooler

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It's normal for the backplate to be "loose" until you tighten the thumbscrews and pump/block down.  The "in the air" backplate does not seem possible unless the posts have been pushed through the board too far and its hard to gauge what has happened from the above.  All of these kits from most every manufacturer works the same, so try looking at an online installation video to see if you can find where things took a wrong turn.  

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Thank you for helping, I found a thread yesterday "H80 Backplate too loose - Cooling -" and I figured this is supposed to happen.

But today I connected the PSU and had a warning sign llight up in the lcd screen of the water cooler. 

I just watched a video and found out that I haven't removed the sticking strip from the backplate, can this be the cause of the warning sign? I have removed the cooler before watching the video because I had oriented it wrong and fouund the thermal paste distributed ok. I don't know what

causes the problem and the cooler had no instructions included. 
0:43 is what I haven't done 

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If you mean the red (!) on the LCD pump top, it most likely is not related to the physical installation. This is typically a usb initialization or physical connection issue between LCD top, Commander Core, and the motherboard.  Any kind of actual contact imperfection will be visible as erratic or unusually spiky cpu temps and software visibility is not required to assess that. 

Unfortunately this LCD error stuff is prickly and persistent. There are two main threads where it is being discussed, but there are two immediate steps you can take.  

1) Power down the system, then flip the PSU off for 15-30 seconds. Then power back on. This should force a connection reassessment by the two devices. 

2) Reseat the LCD top only on the Elite block. That connection is a bit sensitive. 

If neither works, you’ll need to start reading and see what others have had success with. 

https://forum.corsair.com/forums/topic/173083-icue-417244-elite-capellix-lcd-screen-issue/  (original)

https://forum.corsair.com/forums/topic/176547-elite-lcd-megathread/ (current)


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