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Corsair Sabre RGB pro wireless champion series spike problem

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So I got this mouse about 2 moths ago, and for the last month now I have had some issues with it, at first i didn't really think to much about it but it just seems go get worse. I've tried to use the usb, Kable and everything

Sometimes when I'm working or playing games my mouse will just lag like its frozen on my screen for about 1-2 seconds and if i move my mouse when that is happening the movement I have done with my mouse will count and it will move where i moved my mouse so where I aimed to before it froze it just snaps over to where I'm aiming now kind of like aim lock and it can look like cheats.

I have no idea how but I have been very gentle with the mouse and I don't see what could have caused the issue.

I would love to get some help with this.

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