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New PSU : SSD ok, HDD not recognized

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Hello, just upgraded from my 500w PSU to a brand new Corsair SF750.
I have 4 drives

1 NVMe (M.2)
1 SSD (sata)
2 HDD (sata)

Since I changed the PSU, my NVMe and SSD are still working just fine, but HDDs aren't.

I tried pretty much everything : 

  • Check the cables
  • Use the sata cables from the PSU box
  • Switch between the SSD and HDD cables (power and data)
  • Tried a brand new HDD

In every situation, the SSD (and NVMe) are still working, but the HDD are not even recognized in BIOS.
I check the cables a dozen times. I reset the BIOS configuration. I unplugged the PSU and removed for Motherboard battery for a minute (and then forced a factory reset). NOTHING.

Even the brand new HDD isn't recognized.
That's weird the SSD is still working though.

Any idea?

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