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[Bug Report iCue v. 4.22.203] iCue (Windows 11) not saving the GIF on Capellix display

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So I'll go over everything that I've tried so far:

  • I have hit the yellow save button after choosing my GIF
  • I have created an entirely new profile and saved it
  • I have made sure that all of my firmware is up-to-date by forcing a firmware upgrade
  • I have done the clean install as shown here.

Every time I close my iCue (still active in the tray, btw), the GIF on the Capellix display will change to the default image with my coolant temp. And I've found that even if I navigate to a different menu within the iCue program, it will not keep my selected GIF.

This is really frustrating. The only way I can keep my selected GIF on the screen is to minimize the program.

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