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Corsair Strafe RGB Mk.2 can't utilize on-board profiles if iCUE isn't running.

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I have 3 profiles set for my Strafe keyboard. When I click on 'Device Settings', it clearly lists my profiles under the onboard memory section.

However, when I try closing out iCUE, the keyboard reverts back to its factory default profiles. I thought the point of having on-board memory was so you wouldn't have to have iCUE running in the background if you don't want. Am I missing something?

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Before saving the profiles to the onboard memory did you make sure the lighting effects and/or macros/actions were setup in the HARDWARE LIGHTING/ACTIONS tabs? If all you did was setup the options in the software specific settings, then when you save the profile to the onboard memory there isn't going to be anything actually in the hardware profile.

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