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Is this a glitch in iCue? Fans displayed keeps adding and deleting


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Im attaching a video since its kind of hard to explain but It will display fans 2/3/4/5/6 then switch to fan 1/2 and it goes back and forth on its own.  What is leading me to thinking there is a glitch is the RPM display, it seems like its cutting out randomly.

I have 6 fans in my system connected to a Commander Pro.

Any ideas?  Thanks


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Are you running other monitoring software that is polling the Commander Pro?  The garbage data and impossible voltages are a classic sign. Common causes are HWinfo and AIDA that become entangled with CUE attempting to access internal Corsair devices. If you really need the other program, set it not to monitor Corsair internal devices like fan controllers, AIOs, and PSUs. Your other option is to rig your Corsair settings to run without CUE being active. 

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