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iCUE not responding when mac wakes from sleep

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iCUE and my mac have never been the best of friends, but at least they did play along most of the time. But after the upgrade of iCUE to version 4.21.173 it went from bad to worse, every time my mac wakes from a sleep longer than a couple of minutes the process is not responding (even after a short sleep, it seems to take ages before my mouse speed and keyboard lighting are what I set them to in iCUE). So I have to force quit the process and restart iCUE, then it is ok until the next extended sleep. Not a very big deal, but quite annoying. Anyone else with this issue and perhaps more importantly with a solution?

I have a macbook pro model 2019 with monterey 12.2.1 and iCUE version 4.21.173

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