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Mystic Light and ICue

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Hi, I've been recently having some issues with these two working together, and I found a few threads with similar issues under legacy, and I'm unsure if they were solved or not.

Such as this one

However I managed to find a work around, which I couldn't find anywhere on the internet. I found if you go under your profiles, edit(or create new one) Then you click on the Linked App section.

Then you find your MSI Center Install folder, (Most likely your C drive.) Inside you'll most likely want to link the App MSI.TerminalServer.

Then you also go into the Mystic Light Folder, and add LEDKeeper2.

I didn't check to see if one or the other worked, but I added both and it seems to be perfectly fine now.

My issue was my MM700 would never work on start up, but my Corsair K68 Keyboard worked fine between Mystic Light and ICue. But now both work with that work around.

I hope this helps someone in the future!


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