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HS80: 2 issued - red mute LED on mic, and periodic audio drop outs


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Hi all!

I'm hoping someone can suggest fixes to one or two of these problems.

1. Does anyone know how (besides electrical tape) to turn off the muted red mic LED? I can see red light reflected back at me in my glasses when the mic is up. 

2. Periodic audio drop outs. Every 10 seconds to 30 seconds (no specific interval) the audio will drop out of the headset for a second. I'm about 10 feet from the dongle - but nothing is blocking line of site.





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Update for those w/ same problem in future: In the end uninstalling iCUE software fixed the problem.


Up until that point I had tried everything to stop the audio drop-outs (moved router away, changed USB ports, ensured clear path from receiver to headset, soft reset on headset, reinstall of iCUE, reinstall audio drivers, reinstall VGA drivers, closed all other programs that could interfere).


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