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Spinning/non-tracking mouse wheel FIX

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Hi guys,

(this is not for broken mouse wheel axles or foreign debris in the scroll mechanism)

I wanted to help anyone who has the same issue with a Glaive RGB Pro or similar mouse. When the mouse wheel is spun the elastomeric (rubber-like) wheel spins but the hub inside does not. You can tell when this happens by not feeling constant clicking when rolling the mouse wheel.

Why: Plasticizers from the elastomeric wheel are coming to the surface and reducing the friction (lubricating) between the wheel and the hub preventing proper scrolling.

Fix: disassemble the mouse, remove the elastomeric wheel from the hub and remove the oily deposits from the wheel and the groove in the hub and reassemble the mouse. You will find it better than new. However, the oily film will come back in 3-6 months and you will need to clean it again.

Suggestion to Corsair: To avoid the problem in future designs include teeth or keying features that mate the wheel to the hub eliminating the affect of the leaching plasticizes.


Hopefully this help you guys!

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  • Corsair Employees

Great suggestion / observations, I'm going to make sure I pass this along!

If you'd like, we can look into a potential warranty replacement due to the mouse-wheel failure as well -- should I convert this to a ticket on your behalf? 

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