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K95 lighting issue

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My RBG lights worked just fine up until a few days ago when suddenly my computer would go to sleep and the lights wouldn't turn back on when the computer woke up. After some looking, I realized it was the brightness setting that would go all the way down. So now anytime my computer sleeps, the brightness level turns all the way down and I have to open iCue and turn it back up for the lights on my keyboard to be on. EVERY SINGLE TIME. It's rather annoying. No idea why this started happening. I think it was right after I updated iCue with the latest update. 

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Is this a K95?  Platinum?  XT?  Old 18 G-key?  Some users are reporting this for the K100, but that device has a specific brightness function linked to the control wheel.  I am not seeing this on either of my two K95P and XT models.

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