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AIOs: 3 months into 2022, No LGA1700 compatibility

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In this 6 month old article by corsair, its stated that new LGA1700 compatible coolers are under manufacture and will be available later in the year (2021). and 4 months into the year 2022 we still dont have any decent LGA1700 ready AIO from Corsair. Only some of the expensive ones like elite cappelix are having the compatibility. 

A recenly launch version h100 rgb didn't came with LGA1700 compatibility. 

Why is corsair being like this. We are waiting for such a long time. Its been 8 months already since 12th gen chipset launched, And we still dont have much option in AIOs by corsair.

in conclusion i would like to know/discuss when we will be having LGA1700 compatiblity in all budget range of AIOs as promised by Corsair 8 months ago?


Corsair LGA1700 ready AIOs.

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I would assume that they are still working on it. Well, actually, the cooler OEMs are working on it and Corsair is waiting in line for the mounts.

I guess you've missed all the news about supply chain problems? They are real. Very real. And they manifest in things like this. And it's not likely to get better for a while - lots of things are backed up already and the Russian war and the associate spike in energy costs, sanctions on exports from Russia, and difficulty of exports from Ukraine, both of which supply raw materials for this stuff, isn't going to make things better. And the impacts are likely going to continue to be weird things that you wouldn't expect. The buffer in the supply chains held up OK during the first bit of COVID but it's been strained beyond the breaking point.

Aren't you tired of interesting times?

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