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PLEASE HELP Wireless Corsair VOID RGB Elite Headset Beeping a ton when Unmuted with iCUE open

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This has happened on every corsair headset I've owned and it keeps me from using the awesome features iCUE offers. If I have iCUE open, when I unmute my headset instead of doing the normal nice two beep to let me know it's unmuted, it beeps 6 times sometimes 8 times and sometimes even more. It's insanely obnoxious, it's like you're being attacked by beeps and can't do anything about it. I've tried everything from muting iCUE on my volume mixer to messing with all the headset settings in iCUE. Everything is updated including the headset firmware and I can confirm this happens on other PCs too. Please help!!! I want to be able to use iCUE :(

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