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K70 TKL macros and lights stop working after iCUE loads on MAC

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Frequently after I connect my keyboard (K70 TKL) and mouse (Ironclaw rgb ultra) to my M1 Max MAC the keyboard lights get turned off after iCue recognize the devices. The mouse continues to work fine including the lights settings. Changing profiles on the keyboard changes the pattern on the mouse but the keyboard light remains off. The only way, I found to fix it is by disconnecting and reconnecting the USB wire.

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What exactly are you plugging the USB for the keyboard into in order to connect it to your Mac?

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the keyboard and mouse are connect to the monitor's usb 3.0 hub -> the monitor hub is connect to the Apple's "USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter" -> which is connected to the laptop's usb-c input. (eliminating the monitor and connect the keyboard directly to Apple's dongle does not solve the problem).

I noticed another symptom it doesn't always turn off the leds but instead sometimes the scene get frozen and the leds stay on without changing. The mouse continues to change colors.


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