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K70 RGB Firmware 3.08 Update message appears, update, update successful. Repeats

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I've a K70 RGB Firmware  iCue reports that a Mandatory 3.08 Update is needed. Click update, completes and reports success.

Then update firmware message appears again... 

3 White LEDs on to right of keyboard flashing all the time, the RGB LEDs are not on.

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I have the same thing happening with K100 RGB. Stuck on v ..32.262 and this is getting ridiculous.  I just want to disable and do it manually. I can't believe this is not something configurable within in the software.  What gives?  Does anyone monitor this from Corsair? 

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I found that rebooting in Safe Mode in Windows 10 solved my firmware update problems with my Strafe RGB keyboard.

I ran msconfig.exe. On the Boot tab select options to restart in safe mode with network enabled.

After restarting in safe mode, start iQue, click to update firmware. Worked this time. I ignored the error saying it couldn't start a service.

Went back to msconfig.exe, set to Normal restart on Boot tab.

After final reboot, everything workd fine.

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