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Yet another Windows 10 BSOD after installing iCue software


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I installed the latest version of the iCue software over the weekend (brand new install, not upgraded as I've never installed that software or driver before) and now Windows BSODs and reboots itself every ~12 mins. Since this was the only change/install I made, it was easy to pinpoint and uninstall this software to stop them. The last time I used iCue (for headphones) was a couple of years ago on a different Win10 installation on the same machine/hardware so I know this should be working.


Since then I saw from Googling that this is a known issue for some users. Obviously it hasn't been fixed yet as of the newest software/driver release, but has there been a "usual suspect" for the cause of this issue? None of the threads I read out there seemed to point to any common cause - only the common solution to uninstall to fix (which isn't really a solution IMO as I'd like to use my headphones). Is there a way to use my iCue headphones without the iCue software?

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