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Corsair i300 can I copy from old Corsair ONE ELITE?

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Just bought a Corsair i300 with the 12900K and Nvidia 3080.  I have a 2018 Corsair One Elite with Nvidia 1080 TI GPU, i7-8700.  I have about 250GB of programs and apps with over 120 programs.  I run Windows 11 currently on the older machine.  To reinstall from scratch will be some 20 hours.  I have done this before.  I do keep Acronis True Image home full backups monthly.  Can I do a bare metal install from old machine to new and just change out those few programs specific to the new install?  The GPU drivers, iCue, not sure what else.  Are the machine specific drivers available on Corsair web site?  Any one done this before? Thank you.

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