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Issue with sidetone on Corsair Virtuoso involving ICUE

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The sidetone works perfectly well on my virtuoso headset but as soon as it connects to ICUE it stops working. It says that sidetone is on but it isn't, even with loud noises no audio is picked up at all. I've tried uninstalling ICUE and reinstalling, updating, restarting, fiddling with settings and every other fix I read online. It was fine up until today. Worst case I'll just uninstall ICUE because as I've stated it works fine as long as ICUE is out of the picture

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I had found the solution to it but the same issue happened again when i forgot to plug it in over night, and it died and now the solution i found does not work, as well as there being more issues involved, doubt anyone's gonna be reading this but sorry if you have the same issue as I do, I'm stumped.

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