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I built a PC end of 2020 with the Elite Capellix 150i RGB AIO (360mm rad) and when you announced the LCD AIO's I was bummed till I found out it was almost identical to the Elite Capellix AIO's with a screen instead of an RGB cover on the block and that the screen could be purchased separately as an upgrade. I have been waiting months to get an upgrade screen for my AIO since they were announced and here in the UK it is never in stock on the Corsair website and no reputable third party computer parts retailers as far as I am aware sell this upgrade kit BUT recently I wanted to check again and today I did just that and for some reason it redirected me to the USA store page for the upgrade kit instead of the UK one and it's in stock in the USA but when I go to the UK store it is "out of stock" and I even have an email reminder for when this gets in stock in the UK but I have never been reminded as if it has never been in stock on the UK page (I have checked at least 20-30 times since it came out and it's always out of stock).

Are you actually selling this in the UK or are you only selling the cooler with screen pre attached here and for me it's probably most likely pointless to ship the screen from abroad as I think I could probably even get a brand new LCD version of this cooler and sell my current one to subsidise the extra cost and I would spend less overall than shipping just the screen upgrade from abroad

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