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H150i Elite LCD high idle CPU temps?


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So, just put together my first PC. Technically a case swap, adding 4 more fans, and a new AIO. When I started it up yesterday afternoon temps were completely normal. 37C-ish on idle, 50C-60C-ish while rendering (most likely from residual GPU heat.). But I started it up this morning, and CPU temps on idle (with a couple tabs on Edge and two or three folders open) are bouncing around 47C to around 53C in both iCue and HWiNFO, which seems awfully high for not doing much. I'm on a 10700 (non K) using a 5000D airflow with 10 QL fans, so there's not really much reason the CPU temps should be sitting that high, no? Coolant temps seems fine at around 37C, though.

Could ambient heat drive it up that much? Seems doubtful. I mean, I do live in Nevada and my room seems to retain heat for some reason, but idling in the 50's still seems much too high. Could it be bad contact with the CPU? I had to push pretty hard to get the screen of the LCD on firmly and noticed the pumped shifted slightly, but wouldn't I have noticed the temperatures climbing the same night I turned it on? Should I re-paste or is this normal? My H100i kept it in the high 30s most of the time and only ever shifted when I did intensive work.

Any help would be appreciated.


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You're not really at idle if the Vcore is up at ~1.24v.  However, it's not far off either.  Your coolant temp is 37C and that is the lowest possible CPU temp at 0v.  My 10900K will sit about 5C over the coolant on the desktop with a high level overclock and only basic power saving features.  So low 40s would be the expected target for that coolant temperature.


Your coolant temperature is a function of your environment more than anything else, especially at idle.  Besides the room temp, radiator location, general case layout, and typical power settings will affect the end number.  Most users will see a coolant temp of +4-7C above their room temp, but it does vary.  Top exhaust in glass box wedged into a corner is always going to be slightly warmer than a front mounted radiator in an all mesh case sitting in the middle of large room.  


Be careful running HWiNFO at the same time as CUE.  They tend to get locked up polling the same devices.  The telltale sign garbage data in both apps or disappearing UI elements in CUE.  It also could cause the Corsair.Service to use more CPU resources than it should, elevating CPU temp slightly.  If you need to run HWiNFO, set the safety feature in the HWiNFO settings about Asetek/Corsair AIOs or disable monitoring of any Corsair internal devices (PSU, AIO, Fan controllers including the Commander Core) from the monitoring window directly.  

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