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Bonkers Price Hike on i300 - Play fair Corsair

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I recently purchased and took quick and efficient delivery of the 12900k / 3080ti /64Gb i300. It was evident immediately on startup that something was wrong. I had an audible and visible graphics ‘tick’ across the screen and the monitor was not happy at all. Persevered and swapped out DP1.4 and 2.1 HDMI cables, same issues. A day later the GPU appeared to stop working all together and it was just a black screen on startup. I wasn’t able to get back in to the machine in any way. 

Obviously I contacted Corsair and after a few worrying days of no response eventually called them and had some helpful folks expedite a return and refund. I had every intention to buy a replacement unit, BUT in a matter of weeks the i300 as specified has gone from my original purchase price of £4399.00 to £4799.00! No way I’m paying another £400 on top of an already heavy premium on these machines.

I ordered a custom build 3090 instead, but am really disappointed in Corsair and their flippant pricing. I previously owned an i165 and would have love to got an upgraded (working) Corsair One i300. No way now or in the future on that unjustifiable price hike though.

Hope my experience on the dud GPU was a one-off. Anyone else had a faulty new i300?  



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From their website prices seem to be the same as they were ($4,999 for the top-model, etc.).  Wanted to check if prices were identical in Euro’s, but bailed out as I had to press “Accept” in Paypal to get back to the ordering page to arrive at total costs.  I don’t need/want 2 units.

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Euro has depreciated quite a lot in the last 30 days. This is probably the reason.

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