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Elite Capellix H115i - burned pcb/ pump controller?

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Hello team Corsair, hope you guys are doing ok.

I had a problem with my mobo a X570 aorus master  where i had to remove the cmos battery and drain all power from it because my rig was not booting up (seems like a known issue with this and subsequent models).  As soon as i did that on my first boot up  i heard a crackling noise and  smelt a burnt odor so i decided to shut everything down check and redo; looking for possible causes.

On my second boot up i heard the same noise and realized my capellix aio  fans where not spinning. Long story short i have attached the pcb of the removable part at the front of the pump (behind the led square thingy). so you can appreciate the burnt spots.

My questions are as follows:

1) if i order an lcd kit, does the installation proccess makes me remove the burnt pcb and place the lcd kit instead of that (meaning as it would kinda replace and repair my problem). 

2) Should i replace the commander core atached to this pcb, since it kinda  just burned out of nowhere? (i don´t know the extents of the core commander functions so maybe it also went bad?)

3) any recommendations, as if what i stated on question n1 works, i wouldnt like to connect the lcd kit for it to burn also. 

(btw the aio was bought and installed  on december 2021 so it had only 4 months of opperation 😞)

I have  a ups with an inbuilt breaker for voltage dips and related issues  APC - Schneider (attached a pic also),  my psu is also from you guys a  RM850x bought at the same time as the aio.

Thanks in advance for any help or comments with this issue. (  also sorry english is not my first lang.)



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  • Corsair Employees

I would recommend you reach out to our support team at help.corsair.com

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Did you happen to change the power cables around? Are you using cables that came with your PSU? That looks like a possible short circuit, which can happen if you use mix PSU cables.

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