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My corsair k70 is not lighting up correctly

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Hello fellow corsair users,

I bought this k70 used about 2-3 years ago so its been a long run. I have recently had issues with my keyboard randomly typing but that issue is now fixed and there is another issue. ever since I factory reset it and maybe even before that when my keyboard was randomly typing I have had issues with lighting. I tried to change the lighting in Icue and that did work yesterday but not today. I see some keys lighting up and I think its a setting or a button I pressed so here it is:

f10 and f11 is orange and sometimes red.

volume buttons and rest of the keyboard is a faint red and some keys like the bottom row of the arrow keys are bright.

Lighting button is cyan blue.

and the lock is purple which I think is normal.

another thing to note is that the lighting button does NOTHING for me so I'm not sure about that.

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Do you happen to have any MSI RGB controlling software installed on your system?

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