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iCUE 5000X tower question/concern

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Maybe I am missing something but the 5000x mid-tower states multiple 360 radiator support. As such I ordered 2 XR7 360 radiators and also 6 LL120 fans, with the intentions to showcase all the fans in the case. However, the top radiator with fans on the inside is a no go, the Asus Crosshair VIII Dark Hero mb blocks it. Even without the MB in the case a 360 on the top and one on the back w/three fans will not fit together. 

I'm posting this more to make sure I'm not missing something. If not, I wish there was clarity that with two 360 radiators your fans now have to go on the outside of the case. 

Appreciate any feedback and pasted a phot for visual.





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they don't mention necesarely the thickness of the radiators.. 

the fit is most likely with slim 30mm rads, not with thicker ones.

the XR5 with fans is as thick as the bare XR7. as you can see, those would fit

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