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ML140 Elite RGB on Corsair Hydro H115i RGB Platinum?

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So since the ML140 are out, i am planning on buying them, but the problem is, that in iCue i cannot select the Elite Fans (8 LED Fans), i can only select HD, LL and ML RGB Pro Fans.

is there any way to get them connected so that all 8 LED light up and not just like 4 or sum?

and could i get any difference in performance? The ML RGB Pros are at 1000+ RPM at quiet mode, that gets on my nerves!

Thanks in forward for any replies.


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Sorry, forgot to mention that i mean the ML140 Elite RGB

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The Platinum AIO is not a full fledged RGB controller and was only fitted for the fans in existence when it was in production.  If you buy any twin pack of ML140 Elite, you will get a lighting node core RGB controller that can handle up to 6 fans for RGB.


Fan speed on the Platinum is based on coolant temperature.  You can set your own curve by selecting the + in the cooling tab, then use the shape tools in the lower right corner.  Those correspond to the presets, but now you can see the point.  Make sure you change the Sensor value to H115i Platinum Temp.  Finally change the radiator fans to run the new curve.  

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